12 Kinds of Organizations Genealogists Should Follow on Facebook

By Diane Haddad

This isn’t an article about the genealogy organizations you should follow on Facebook and other social media. Nope. Instead, it’s about the types of organizations you should seek out and follow, because they might lead you to important research information and resources.

As you’ll find out in our Jumpstart Your Genealogy with Social Media webinar on Nov. 25, using social media for genealogy isn’t just getting your research questions answered on Facebook (although that is a great use of social media).

It’s also finding out about new resources, learning the history of your ancestral places and people, meeting folks who are researching the same ancestors you are, and answering other genealogists’ questions. Start by finding and following these organizations:

  • Genealogical societies for the towns, counties and states where your ancestor lived and where you live
  • Public libraries where your ancestor lived and where you live (sometimes the genealogy department has its own Facebook page)
  • State libraries and archives for your ancestral states
  • Major genealogical societies, libraries and archives (such as the National Archives)
  • Alumni organizations for the places your relative attended school
  • Museums and historical sites related to your family history (such as the Coal Creek Miner’s Museum if your great-grandfather worked in a mine)
  • Still-extant social, religious, immigrant and other organizations your ancestor belonged to (such as the Freemasons)
  • Organizations and museums related to your relatives’ military service
  • Genealogy websites and products you use, are considering using or subscribing to, or are interested in hearing about

On a Facebook page, click the Like button to follow it. For groups, click the Join button to join (or if it’s a closed group, to ask to be added). You can see most pages even if you’re not a member of Facebook, but you must be a member of Facebook to join a group.

You’ll learn how to find these types of organizations and groups on social media sites in the Jumpstart Your Genealogy with Social Media webinar, taking place Tuesday, November 25, at 7 p.m. ET. You’ll also learn strategies for using social media to do genealogy research, and discover social media sites especially for genealogy.

Webinar registrants receive a PDF of the presentation slides and access to view the webinar again whenever they want. Learn more about the Jumpstart Your Genealogy with Social Media webinar in Family Tree Shop.