Best Facebook Comments Re: DDoS Attack

By Diane Haddad

In case you haven’t heard, was down part of Monday and most of yesterday, and intermittently today, due to what the company says was a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Find A Grave and RootsWeb also were affected.

In such an attack, multiple perpetrators use “bots” to bombard a website with traffic, so that the site can’t respond to legitimate traffic. Both Evernote and Feedly were targets of DDoS attacks last week; their attackers demanded payment to stop the attacks.

On its Facebook page and in a statement, said the attack has been neutralized, but users may still experience intermittent outages or slowness while the site recovers. They should clear their cookies and cache before logging back on. Family Tree Maker users should switch the program’s sync setting to manual until service is fully restored.

No members’ family tree or personal data were compromised in the attack.

The site outage drew Facebook comments ranging from supportive to accusations of site mismanagement and demands for refunds or subscription extensions. There were lots of capital letters and exclamation marks.

Someone even suggested the real reason the site went down is all the dads taking advantage of the Father’s Day subscription special. (Way to spoil it for the rest of us, dads!)

But I’ll focus on the clever Facebook comments I saw. These appeared in response to Facebook page updates:

  • Has ancestry deleted their cookies and emptied their cache?
  • Karma. Old Search is exacting its revenge.
  • Day 2.5 of my captivity.. my captors torment me with comments about “intermittent” outages. Withdrawal symptoms are setting in … eyes blurry from staring at screen, mouse hand shakey … I have even tried gardening … sorting my books alphabetically … even cleaning shower recess … family is getting concerned
  • Retire MyFamily, MyCanvas,, Mundia and the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests, and the internet gods retire you!
  • Still can’t get on the site. What am I supposed to do, actually get some sleep or something?
  • How am I supposed to discover which vastly wealthy relative I’m related to now?

And this:

And this is the winner, which West in New England blogger Bill West posted on his own Facebook page:

And lo, the servers of Ancestry were beset by the Plague of DDOS, and then were the genealogists locked out from the Realms of Ancestry. Neither could they work on their family trees, nor add photos nor memorials to Find A Grave. Then great were the lamentations of the genealogists, and many were beset with frustration, weeping and gnashing their teeth in the outer darkness as they waited for the servers of Ancestry to once more open unto them.

Meanwhile, others turned to worshiping the false idol, Television….

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