4 Quick Tips for Mastering RootsMagic

There might not be any witches or wizards in your family tree, but finding a software program that has all the features you need to organize your family tree can feel pretty magical. RootsMagic lives up to its name, but as all genealogists know, organizing and sourcing your research is not done with the wave of a wand. If you’re looking for a tool to preserve and manage your family tree, RootsMagic genealogy software has a lot of features that make tracking your research a breeze.

1. Various Points of View

RootsMagic allows unlimited people, events and facts, families, places and sources to be added to your family history, which means there’s a lot of data to keep track of. There are six view tabs for sorting through all that info: The Pedigree view, Family view, Descendants, People, WebSearch and Timeline. The pedigree chart is the default when you start, but each of the views provides different insights into your family history.



2. Adding Sources to Multiple People

Many times, a source will apply to more than one ancestor – especially true in the cases of census records. When adding a source to a timeline for one person, you can use the Memorize button, which functions as a kind of “copy” to then add it easily to another person’s timeline using the Paste button – without having to plug in all the source citation details again.

3. Make a List

It’s easy to create a To-Do list in RootsMagic. You can get to it from the Lists drop-down menu at the top of your main screen or through an individual’s timeline. The “ToDo” button gives you options for the type, priority and status. You can also sort your tasks based on individual, family or a combination of both.

4. Import Carefully

You can import GEDCOMs to RootsMagic from any online tree or other software. However, be careful of importing someone else’s data, since it can often contain errors. A good habit to get into is to verify anything you add from another person’s tree to ensure you’re not importing their mistakes.

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