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Let’s be honest–when it comes to genealogy software, a slew of questions come to mind. What family tree software is out there? What’s the best genealogy software? Is there such thing as free genealogy software?


This section of the site is designed specifically to answer any and all inquiries about computer applications for your ancestors. Whether you want information on family tree software for a Mac or genealogy programs for PC, we’ll try to cover all of your bases in the following pages; including information on genealogy apps and free genealogy software.

Since many programs perform the essential functions of recording, organizing and sharing family history data, the best choice for you often depends on personal preference.

In this roundup of the most popular family tree software applications for Windows and Mac, we provide ratings, reviews and essential run downs of top programs, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Genealogy Software Articles

Along with basic software reviews, Family Tree Magazine has conducted a number of step-by-step tutorials for using genealogy programs, as well as general news and information regarding family tree software. Below are some articles that you might find particularly useful:

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It’s easy and inexpensive to set up a family history website that’ll put you in charge of your clan’s online dream home.

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