4 Keys to Creating a Great Family Tree Website

By Nancy Hendrickson

Do you want to share your genealogy research and connect with cousins through a family history website? Or maybe you want to improve the genealogy website you already have.

The best family tree websites share these key elements:

  • Focus
  • Organization
  • Adherence to best practices
  • Consistent updating

To make sure your site is on track in these areas, Nancy suggests asking yourself these questions:


  • Is the site about a single surname or everyone you’re researching?
  • Will you include images?
  • Is it clear to site visitors what the site is about?
  • Is this a research-based site?
  • Do you know the goal of this site?


  • Have you created logical categories for your posts?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Have you made it easy for people find out how to contact you?
  • Have you thought about how to organize data?
  • Will you have a photo gallery?

Best Practices

  • Is information presented in small bites vs. large areas of text?
  • Have you added ALT tags to your images?
  • Have you clearly titled each post?
  • Have you selected well-defined tags for each post?

Consistent Updating

  • Do you update your site at least once a week?
  • Do you have a plan for what you’ll post? Optimized Images
  • Are your images resized at 72dpi?
  • Are your images in .jpg format?
  • Have you cropped images to highlight the important areas?

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