5 Winning Genealogy Combinations for Successful Research

By Vanessa Wieland

Want some ways to spice things up in your research and discover new details about your family tree? Do what food lovers do and look for ways to pair and combine ingredients in your research. Some combinations are classic, like salt and pepper, while some can be more exotic. Either way, experimenting with search combinations can be a winning strategy to take you out of a research rut and lead to some fantastic breakthroughs.

Winning Genealogy Combinations

We’ve put together a long weekend’s worth of tips, resources and strategies in the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference, but while some pairings may be obvious, we’ve chosen to highlight some combinatons that will really pay dividends. Like wine and cheese or milk and cookies, these presentations each taste fine on their own. But when you put them together, they make winning genealogy combinations.

Like milk and cookies, these presentations from the Fall virtual conference make a winning combination.

Online Organization Tools + Mobile Genealogy: Using Your Phone to Preserve Your Research =

Easy access to research on the go

You can pull up your family tree to share with your cousin at a party and cross-reference as you research at the library. You can even work on your research while standing in line at the bank or sitting in a waiting room! Find both of these presentations as part of the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference.

10 Records You Didn’t Know to Search For + The Night The Stars Fell =

Finding clues hidden in unusual places

Angela Walton-Raji gives a master class on turning the smallest of clues into a big breakthrough. Gena’s 10 Records presentation will unlock a new set of resources in your research arsenal. The combination is sure to inspire you to look for clues in places you might not have considered.

Calculating DNA Relationships + Applying Your DNA Results to Your Paper Trail =

Find new cousins and ancestors

Understanding how the relationships are calculated by each company will help you work to find common ancestors with your matches. Once you have established those, you can work on applying them alongside your research and family trees to solve family mysteries.

Old World to New: Memories Through Time + Genealogical and Historical Periodicals in Print and Online =

Understand our cultural legacy

Judy G. Russell will address how studying the customs and language that our immigrant ancestors brought with them is vital to our understanding of our ancestors. While you wait for the keynote, explore how to find journals and magazines, society publications and more to provide greater context and know-how for research.

5 Ways to Make Your Tree Bulletproof + 10 Painless Genealogy Organization Tips =

Whip your research process into shape

With this winning genealogy combination, you’ll discover tips in both presentations that will streamline your process. You’ll not only be more efficient at searching, you’ll prevent mistakes from entering your research.

Get exclusive access to all of these combinations in the 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference.