Add These 4 Steps to Your Research with the Virtual Conference

By Vanessa Wieland

So Many Reasons to Join the Fall Virtual Conference

Every virtual conference comes packed with tons of tips, tools and new approaches to your research. The 2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference is no different. In fact, the 15 presentations showcase everything from 10 Records You Didn’t Know to Search For to 7 Things You Can Do With Your DNA Results. Along with the live keynote and Q&As, and all the chances to chat with fellow genealogists, the tips really start to add up. Incorporate these 4 steps into your research process with the 2018 virtual conference and see how much your genealogy improves.

1. Whip Your Tree into Shape

In 5 Ways to Make Your Online Tree Bulletproof, Nancy Hendrickson explains why linking DNA to your tree will help you build a stronger tree. There are ways to filter shared matches and doing so helps you narrow down an unknown match to your dad’s side or mom’s side. You can also learn more about how to incorporate your DNA results with the live Q&A, Applying Your DNA Results to Your Paper Trail.

2. Plan Ahead for Your Research

Organize Your Genealogy author Drew Smith offers this advice: Create a research plan for the day. If you’re thinking, “But how do I go about that?” Drew says to start with a research question. Learn more about organizing your research in 10 Painless Organization Tips. Plus, you’ll get a chance to ask questions and get plenty of answers during the Online Organization Tools live Q&A on Saturday, September 22nd.

3. Mix and Match Your Resources

We’re an online genealogy conference, so it makes sense that our focus tends to be tech-friendly. Indeed, we have plenty of presentations that focus on specific websites and mobile apps. But not everything is online, so we’ve included several presentations that focus on offline resources, including Courthouse Records: 6 Genealogy Finds You Can Only Make in Person and several others.

4. Put Those New Tips to Practical Use

All of these tips and resources are best when you can incorporate them into your research, and we’ve got plenty of ways to do that. See a master-class in turning a family story into clues used to find a civil war ancestor and tune into the live chats to get tips for using the new Find A Grave to plan your next cemetery visit.

2018 Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference Online September 21st - 23rd

It All Adds Up

Even if numbers aren’t your favorite thing, we think you’ll like these: All the presentations together are worth $700, but the virtual conference price is just $200. Plus, you get plenty of opportunities to interact with other genealogists and ask plenty of questions.

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