Are You Ready to Become an Expert?

By Ashlee Peck resources learn tips bundle

Do you have an account, but feel uncertain if you’re using it most effectively? We’ve created a collection of resources that will ensure you are making the most of your membership and that your research gets you the best, most efficient results. Curious? Let me tell you more.

Who will benefit

This collection is perfect for newbies and power-users alike. The resources included will be essential for anyone:

  • Considering having their DNA tested through AncestryDNA
  • Looking to familiarize themselves with the site and understand what’s changed in the “new Ancestry”
  • Wanting to ensure their research is effective and efficient

What you can expect to learn


The videos, books, and downloads in this collection not only will make you an expert on what records collections are available on, but you’ll also learn precisely how to find them. This includes in-depth information regarding what sort of information is included in these collections, such as images, transcriptions, databases, catalogs.

Search advice

This collection will teach you step-by-step strategies to get the best results from your searches. You’ll also learn how to track down databases relevant to your family history research.

Tree tips

Not only will you learn tips for creating and managing your family tree, but we’re also sharing timesaving tricks to make the most of Hints and Tree Sync with Family Tree Maker.

How to use like the pros do

The resources included are sure to teach you how search, records and family trees can work in unison to make your research more efficient and effective. You’ll also be confident in your ability to adapt your searches as changes and evolves over time.

What the collection includes

Discover your family on with this amazing Unofficial Guide to

Unofficial Guide to, Second Edition

This updated and expanded guide will show you how to use, including AncestryDNA. Full of tips and strategies, this complete guidebook to will help you find your ancestors’ records and build out your family tree on the no. 1 genealogy website.

In this workshop, get a live webinar that will help you make the most of your DNA results with AncestryDNA.

All About AncestryDNA
Video Download

If you’ve received your DNA test results from but you can’t make heads or tails of what they mean, this workshop is for you! From your DNA story and ethnicity estimates to matches and circles, you’ll discover how to find your family history within your DNA.

Essential Search Techniques
Video Download

Develop a targeted research plan and learn strategies for using simple and advanced searches, when to search using the catalog, and how to make those records work for you. Cheat Sheet

Keep this cheat sheet nearby whenever you’re searching It’ll keep you from getting lost in this huge genealogy website and help you maximize your subscription dollars. resources learn tips bundle

10 Easy Tips for Using

Not quite sure how or where to start your genealogical research? Follow these 10 easy tips for using to get on course fast.

How to Use Filters
Video Download

In this video demo, you’ll learn how to improve your search results on by employing some of the website’s diverse filters.

Errors on Why They Happen & How to Correct Them
Video Download

In this video demo, you’ll learn how to identify and fix incorrect information about your ancestors on

How to Search the Card Catalog
Video Download

In this video demo, you’ll learn how to take advantage of’s robust Card Catalog. By using the Card Catalog, you can select specific collections that are most relevant to your ancestors to refine and filter your search results.

Master Hints
Video Download

Tackle those shaky leaves on and learn how to refine your hints so they’re relevant to your family history.

Unofficial Workbook

Learn how to find your ancestors on! This eBook gives you hands-on experience, techniques and worksheets for searching’s family history records.

Even better

If all of that isn’t enough reason to make this collection your own, it’s also a 63% discount off retail prices. So take the plunge and get yours today! resources learn tips bundle