Pop Quiz: Test Your IQ

By Family Tree Editors pop quiz fun is the largest for-profit genealogy company. Its visibility turns people who are a little interested in their family history into people who start online trees or take a DNA test.

You might think you know all about the company’s twists and turns over the years, but do you really?

Find out in our 8-question quiz! See answers at the bottom of the page. pop quiz


1. True or False: FamilySearch and are part of the same organization.


2. Ancestry was founded:

a. in 1970, as a microfilming service.

b. in 1983, as a book publisher.

c. in 1990, as a genealogy research firm.

d. in 1996, as a genealogy website.


3. The year Ancestry first went online is

a. 1996

b. 1998

c. 2000

d. 2003


4. Which company or website has never owned?


b. Heritage Makers


d. Fold3

e. Find A Grave

f. BookCraft, Inc.


5. How many different official corporate names has Ancestry had?

a. one

b. two

c. three

d. four


6. When Ancestry was publicly traded on the NASDAQ from 2009 to 2012, its symbol was:

a. ANC





7. Which of the following countries does not have a dedicated Ancestry website?

a. Russia

b. Mexico

c. Australia

d. Canada

e. Italy


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  1. False. The two are separate entities, though they have partnered on projects. Ancestry is a commercial business and FamilySearch is the nonprofit genealogy arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  2. b. was founded in 1983, as a book publisher.
  3. a. first went online in 1996.
  4. c. Though people sometimes confuse us with Ancestry, it has never owned Family Tree Magazine.
  5. d. Ancestry has been known by four different corporate names. One was used twice. See a timeline of Ancestry name changes here.
  6. d. Ancestry’s NASDAQ symbol was ACOM.
  7. a. There’s no

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