AncestryDNA News: You Can Now Opt Out of Matches

By Ashlee Peck

AncestryDNA announced yesterday that they will now be giving members the ability to choose of whether or not to view and be viewed by their DNA matches. So what exactly does this mean for you?

AncestryDNA Ancestry DNA Opt Out Matches

In a blog posted yesterday by, the company made the announcement that while they consider the ability to find possible DNA matches to be one of their most beneficial services, they  respect the critical importance of privacy and the ability for members to control their own data. While many of their 6 million members love having discovering possible DNA matches and family members, this ability makes controlling your own data incredibly simple. By accessing your DNA Settings page and adjusting your DNA Match List setting to ‘no’, you can ensure that no one will see you in their list of possible matches. If existing members wish to continue seeing their matches, and continue having their information shared on match lists, you need to make no changes, as the automatic setting on your account will be ‘yes’.

If you find value in the DNA Match Lists that Ancestry provides, fear not. This move towards additional privacy options in no way means that the company is moving away from helping people find possible family members, as they noted in the closing of their blog:

“We have heard from many of our customers that they quickly find one of the best ongoing benefits of our service is the opportunity to discover new family connections and seeing how connected you are to others around the world.  We will continue to invest in this capability and emphasize it as a reason to use our service. As the largest consumer DNA database, by far – close to three times the size of the next largest – we want to always provide the best opportunity to find new potential family members.”

If you’d like to read the full blog on the topic, it’s located here.