Editor’s Pick: Best English Genealogy Websites

By Diane Haddad

Americans with ancestry in England form at least 9 percent of the US population and comprise the States’ third largest heritage group (after those with German and Irish roots).

If you have English roots, you might share them with early American colonists and/or Founding Fathers such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

One thing you need to know when researching English ancestors, says David A. Fryxell, presenter of our upcoming Best English Genealogy Websites webinar, is the Chapman code for the place they lived.

This three-letter code is a kind of genealogical shorthand to identify traditional administrative divisions in England and other parts of the United Kingdom (before reorganizations in 1965 and 1974).

The Best English Genealogy Websites webinar, happening Thursday, Aug. 29 at 7 p.m. ET, will arm you with tools for Chapman codes and the challenges of

  • determining your ancestor’s parish in England
  • distinguishing your English ancestor from many same-named others
  • reading old handwriting styles (and the occasional document in Latin, if you go back far enough)
  • the Julian-to-Gregorian calendar change, which England implemented in 1752
  • figuring out how genealogical records are organized in England, and accessing those records from here

Be an early bird! Register for Best English Genealogy Websites by Aug. 24 to save $10. Everyone who registers for the live webinar will receive handouts and access to view the recorded webinar again whenever they want.