Researching Your Heritage: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 108

By Lisa Louise Cooke

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This month’s podcast topic: Researching Your Heritage

In this episode:

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

Lisa Cooke Podcast

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News from the Blogosphere with Genealogy Insider, Diane Haddad

Take a tour of heritage museums with Diane Haddad. Overlooked Genealogy Resource Alert! 9 Tips to Research at Heritage Museums

Top Tips

Claire Santry provides Irish genealogy tips from her book, The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Ancestors in Ireland.
Claire answers the question “Where’s the best place to start with Irish research?” and explains that there are two key factors to look for:
  • Religion
  • Place – townland
Claire Santry Irish book

101 Best Websites

Author and German genealogy expert James Beidler is back to talk about the German genealogy website called GEDBas. It features user-submitted family trees, but offers so much more.

Family Tree University Crash Course

Scotland’s colorful history and efforts to preserve their heritage is a boon to any family historian with Scottish ancestry. If you’re one of the many descendants of the 1.5 million Scots who immigrated to the Americas, you can learn how to find your ancestors before they ever left Scotland with the 4-week course, Scottish Genealogy Research Strategies. We will kickstart your Scottish research with some search strategies from the Family Tree University Dean, Vanessa Wieland.
Civil registration didn’t start until 1855. Before that date, you need to look at the Old Parish Registers (OPRs). You will get very little information from the OPRs so don’t be too disappointed. Here are the types of records you’ll find in Old Parish Registers:
  • Baptisms
  • The Crying of the Banns
  • Burials
British Home Children: Between 1869 and the Great Depression, over 100,000 children were sent to Canada from Great Britain. Library and Archives Canada has an extensive database of immigration and census records for children who arrived.

Publisher’s Desk with Allison Dolan

Allison shares about her family’s heritage and how it ties to her family today.

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