2014 Genealogy Year in Review: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 79

By Family Tree Editors

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Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

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News from the Blogosphere with Genealogy Insider Diane Haddad

Diane Haddad

Diane and Lisa review the top genealogy stories of 2014:


Top Tips: Best of 2014

Diane reviews her favorite articles and tips from Family Tree Magazine in 2014.
DNA Success Stories about autosomal DNA (July/August)
By Blaine Bettinger
Gives real-life examples of how researchers have used DNA to chip away at research problems, such as an adopted father and great-grandmother, unknown origins for American Indian DNA, and figuring out whether a person is really an ancestor when records are inconclusive.
Genealogy Workbook series
Especially the military pensions guide by Shelley Bishop, because I have a person whose Civil War widows’ pension I need to find, and the probate guide by Sunny Morton, because understanding what probate records are and how to find them can be intimidating.
Named some lesser-known family tree sites, and the sidebar listed a German one called GEDBAS, where I found a number of family members.
Dedicated to online research, with organized “cheat sheets” for a bunch of sites.

101 Best Websites: Genealogy News

Allison gives her favorite sites for keeping up on genealogy news:

Family Tree University: Best Webinars of 2014

Tyler’s Top 4 Webinars and Tips
1.    Using DNA to Solve Family Mysteries by Blaine Bettinger
Sometimes it’s just as important to consider what DNA can’t do for your genealogy, as it is to know what it can do.

What DNA can do:
1.    Examine deep ancestry (1,000’s of years ago)
2.    Examine recent ancestry (within past 500-700
3.    years)
4.    Identify unknown genetic relatives
5.    Test genealogical hypotheses & answer family mysteries
6.    Reveal family secrets!

What DNA can’t do:
1.    Tests will NOT return a family tree
2.    Testing alone cannot always determine relatedness
3.    DNA alone rarely solves mysteries – combine DNA and traditional research

2. Making Evernote Effortless by Lisa Louise Cooke
Evernote is an excellent tool for source citations. For instance, you can take a screenshot of citation details on Ancestry.com, and then include a URL back to the webpage.

3. Photo Editing and Retouching for Genealogists by Nancy Hendrickson
Scan your old photos in color, even if the image is black and white. Even a black and white image can have subtle variations in shades of gray. By scanning in color, you are able to better draw out that contrast.

4. Cloud Genealogy Crash Course with Randy Whited
There is so much more to the cloud than just online storage. Of course, backup is a major component, but the uses far surpass the obvious. Randy talks about Google Drive and Evernote, of course, which allow you to access your genealogy notes from any computer with an internet connection. He also discusses apps to pull information off of the internet and save it to review later, such as Pocket, Feedly and the Evernote Web-Clipper. He even goes into photo sharing—saving your old photos to the cloud—and collaborative online family trees.

From the Publisher’s Desk

Allison Dolan
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