Source Citations Made Easy: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 83

By Family Tree Editors

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Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

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News from the Blogosphere with Genealogy Insider Diane Haddad

Diane Haddad

Top Tips: Citation Elation


Source citations have an intimidating reputation as difficult to write and organize. Fortunately, these days genealogy software helps you do both. Diane Haddad, editor of the article Citation Elation from the May / June 2015 issue of the magazine will be here to talk about source citation in genealogy software.

101 Best Websites: WorldCat

Lisa discusses how a free account at can allow you access to their easy-to-use source citation tool.

  1. Find a resource
  2. Click the Cite/Export link
  3. Select the desired citation style such as Chicago
  4. A source citation that you can copy and paste is generated

Create multiple source citations all at once by creating a List

  1. When you find a resource, move it to a Worldcat List by clicking the Add to List link.
  2. A small window will pop up where you can add your item to an existing list or create a new one
  3. To access your lists, make sure you are signed in to your account, and then hover your mouse over MyWorldcat in the menu at the top of the page, and click My Lists
  4. Click the Citations View tab to see the list you want to cite
  5. If you have multiple items in the list, click the check box next to the ones you want and then sort them into the desired order; by the date you added them, publish date, or title of the source.
  6. Select the desired citation style from the drop down list. All sources will then appear on the screen properly cited.
  7. Simply copy the text and paste it, or click the Export button and export just the selected source citations to html, rtf, end note, or

Family Tree University: Source Citations for Regular People


Shannon Combs Bennett, the instructor for the Source Citations for Regular People at Family Tree University, joins Lisa, and helps to calm citation anxiety with tips for great source citation.

From the Publisher’s Desk

Allison Dolan

Allison discusses the Source Citation Cheat Sheet from Family Tree Magazine.

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