Set Yourself up for Genealogy Success in 2016: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 92

By Lisa Louise Cooke

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In this episode:

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

News from the Blogosphere with Genealogy Insider Diane Haddad

Read Diane’s blog posts on the Genealogy Insider blog: Finding Your Roots” Season Premiere Focuses on Enslaved Ancestors


Top Tips: 

Making sure that you are researching the correct person as your ancestor is certainly a key to success, so in an extended Top Tips segment professional genealogist Shelley Bishop will join me and she’ll cover seven time-tested strategies to confirm that you have indeed added the right people to your family tree.

  1. Resist the urge to merge
  2. Venture beyond the index
  3. Create a chart or timeline
  4. Map it out
  5. Follow the network
  6. Beware making assumptions
  7. Play Devils’ Advocate

Visit Shelley’s website: Buckeye Family Trees

Family Tree University Crash Course

One area that is absolutely critical to the success of every genealogist is source citation. Shannon Combs-Bennett returns to the show to share some pointers for easier, more effective documentation from her Family Tree University class, Source Citations for Genealogists. You can purchase the one-hour webinar, Source Citations for Regular People (digital download video) or get a thorough understanding of source citations with her 4-week course, Source Citations for Genealogists.


From the Publisher’s Desk with Allison Dolan

Allison talks about how she uses spreadsheets to keep her genealogical research on course.  

The Winter 2016 Virtual Genealogy Conference (3/11/16-3/13/16) features the video class Spreadsheet Secrets to Organize Your Genealogy with Shannon Bennett

If the thought of a spreadsheet makes you cringe, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise, because when it comes to genealogy, a spreadsheet can be the best record you’ll ever keep – and even lead you to making new connections you’ve never seen before!

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