Expert Answers To Your Genealogy Research Questions

By Diane Haddad

Elizabeth Shown Mills, author of the must-have genealogy source analysis and citation reference books Evidence! and Evidence Explained, is answering New York Times reader questions about family history research.

In these genealogy-focused articles in the paper’s “Ask An Expert” series, Mills offers advice on online genealogy research, finding old records, DNA testing, and Jewish and African-American ancestors.

Here’s a rundown of the topics you’ll find information on:

  • Part 1: In the first installment of the series, published last week, Mills answers questions on starting genealogy research (she recommends our Family Tree Problem Solver by Marsha Hoffman Rising, available in print and as an e-book); genetic genealogy; and using online family tree sites.

    (As an aside, The Family Tree Problem Solver is part of our limited-time, nicely discounted Ultimate Genealogy Problem-Solver Collection, which also includes video classes and written lessons on tracking ancestral migrations, telling apart same-named individuals in records, cluster research and more.)

  • Part 2: Questions addressed in Part 2 involve Jewish families from communities with “memory holes” created by the Holocaust; Holocaust survivors who migrated to Argentina; old family photos (Mills suggests the work of Family Tree Magazine‘s Photo Detective, Maureen A. Taylor); source citations; genealogical numbering systems; railroad employees; genealogy in India; and becoming a professional genealogist.
  • Part 3: In next week’s installment, Mills will answer questions on researching enslaved ancestors and doing genealogy in New York.

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