Don’t Forget Grandma: Our Favorite Photos of our Grandmothers

By Ashlee Peck

grandmother photos

We at Family Tree know that moms aren’t the only ones who deserve appreciation for all of the love and support they provide us. Aunts, grandmas and great-grandmas deserve a round of applause as well! In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating our grandmas. Join us as we share their pictures and a little bit about them, with a few tips along the way.

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This photo shows my grandmother at a party celebrating her 60th birthday. She always loved her grandchildren (a few of whom are surrounding her as she opens her presents).

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» Andrew Koch, Family Tree Books Editor/Content Producer

grandmother photos

When I celebrated my First Communion back in, oh let’s just say it was the early 80s, my two grandmas looked on. They each came from a strong German Catholic background. My middle name is after my dad’s mom (on the right), Mary Frances.

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» Diane Haddad, Family Tree Magazine Editor

grandmother photos

My grandma has always been an inspiration to me. Growing up, I remember attending functions put on by all the organizations she was a part of. Even in her later years, she is still very involved in the community. You can’t take her anywhere around town without someone recognizing her! She is hardworking, fiercely independent and very kind. I can only hope that some of her spirit has rubbed off on me! This photo of her was taken when she was about in 8th grade.

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» Rachel Fountain, Family Tree Social Media Manager

grandmother photos

My maternal grandma was one of the most influential people in my childhood, and I grew up to have a lot in common with her. One of the things we always enjoyed sharing was our love of animals. Here she’s seen with her dog Jodie.

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» Ashlee Peck, Family Tree Online Content Director

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