MyHeritage Announces New Pedigree View for Family Trees

By Ashlee Peck

One of the most requested upgrades to MyHeritage is now a reality, as the company has announced the release of a Pedigree View mode for family trees. Here’s what that means for users:

What you’ll see in Pedigree View

A Pedigree View includes a root person along with their ancestors. It does not show siblings, spouses, or anyone else who is not a direct ancestor. This view allows you to navigate to anyone else in your tree and view their pedigree as well. Female ancestors within the tree will appear with their maiden names, rather than their married surnames or any implied surnames.

The Pedigree View shows back to six generations of your tree — the selected root person and five levels of ancestors. If the root person has more than five generations of ancestors, you will see an arrow to the right of ancestors in the last generation who have additional ancestors in the tree.

The new view of your family tree will still include the majority of the family tree functionality that you are used to. You can still search for individuals in your tree, as well as zoom in and out as you would in the Family View. Any indication badges associated with the profile will still appear in the Pedigree View and may be clicked on to see the respective matches.

You can still access Family View

Don’t worry, Family View isn’t going away. You’ll be able to easily toggle between the Family and Pedigree modes, as well as a third view, which is a List. To set one of the views as your default, you will simply need to toggle to your preferred mode, and then click on the settings icon to set it as your default.

Pedigree view now available in edit mode

Pedigree View was initially released as read-only, but on June 4, 2018, MyHeritage announced that you can now add, edit, and delete tree profiles directly from the new view. It is no longer necessary to switch to the Family View to edit your tree.

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