Online Trees: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 118

By Lisa Louise Cooke
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In This Episode

Family Tree Magazine November Podcast 2017 Lisa Louise Cooke

  • News from the Blogosphere: Accepting hints
  • Top Tips: Online tree strategies
  • 101 Best Websites – MyHeritage
  • Family Tree University Crash Course – Digitizing Your Family History
  • Publisher’s Desk: How Allison uses family tree hints

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

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Diane Haddad


News from the Blogosphere with Diane Haddad


Tips on accepting hints about your family tree with Diane.


Top Tips with Sunny Morton


Sunny Morton discusses her favorite strategies for using online family tree hints Read Sunny’s article Should You Take the Hint? In the April 2018 issue of Family Tree Magazine.


David Fryxell

101 Best Websites


David Fryxell talks about one of the top websites providing online family tree hints: MyHeritage. Their online trees are unique in that they have such a vast number of people worldwide who have posted their trees.

Family Tree University Crash Course

Lisa Alzo shares her tips for digitizing your family history from her Family Tree University course.  The upcoming course includes:

  • How to use Audacity to Edit Audio Interviews – 30-minute video presentation
  • How to organize documents and photos on your computer and online
  • How to digitize oversize items and 3-D artifacts
  • The best way to store and preserve your items on your computer and in the cloud

Register here!

The Publisher’s Desk with Allison Dolan

It’s time to check in at the Publisher’s Desk with Allison Dolan. Hi Allison!

Allison discusses how she uses family tree hints, and her favorite resource on the topic.


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