Organize Your Family History Value Pack

By Diane Haddad

I’m one of those people who get a little stressed out by clutter. When there’s too much stuff jumbled around—whether it’s papers on my desk, icons on my desktop, family photos or genealogy documents—my anxiety level ticks up ever so slightly. (My friends tease me about the day Leo becomes mobile and starts emptying the kitchen cabinets onto the floor.)

That’s why the Organize Your Family History Value Pack is this week’s Editor’s Pick. That and the price, steeply discounted through June 30

Whether you work on paper or do everything online or a combo of both, getting your research and your workspace organized is important to keeping track of your family tree.

Here’s what’s in the Organize Your Family History Value Pack:

  • Organize Your Genealogy Family Tree University Independent Study course digital download
  • Organization Made Easy: 5 Simple Ways to Get Your Family History in Order on-demand webinar
  • Organize Your Genealogy Life! CD
  • Organize Now! A Week-by-Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life by Jennifer Ford Berry

It’ll help you research more efficiently—you’ll develop a system for filing notes, documents and photos (on paper and your hard drive); learn how to plan and accomplish your next research step; and make the most of your limited research time. And until the last day of June, the whole kaboodle is $49.99—72 percent off full price.

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