Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Podcast: Episode 121

By Lisa Louise Cooke


family genealogy podcast anniversary
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In This Episode

  • News from the Blogosphere: Diane’s favorite blogs over the years
  • Top Tips – Lisa’s favorite interviews from the last decade
  • NEW! – Social Media Minute
  • Family Tree University Crash Course – Organize Your Genealogy Research

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

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family genealogy podcast anniversary

News from the Blogosphere with Diane Haddad

Diane discussed some of her favorite blog posts that she has shared over the last 10 years on the show:

Why Ancestry.com and other genealogy searches don’t work

Tabloid Divorces have nothing on these ancestors

6 strategies that helped me

family genealogy podcast anniversary

Top Tips

Host Lisa Louise Cooke digs into the archive and shares two of her favorite interviews from the past.

The first comes from Episode 83 which was published in April of 2015. The theme for the episode was source citation, and in the Family Tree University Crash Course segment Shannon Comb-Bennett, instructor of the Family Tree University: Source Citations for Regular People course made an eloquent case for citing your sources.

The other favorite interview was first published in March of 2014. In the 101 Best Websites Lisa got to cover one of her favorite websites, Digital Public Library of America. Lisa interviewed Dan Cohen, Executive Director of the DPLA, and he took us on a tour of this terrific website.

Related articles on the DPLA:

DPLA: Introduction to the Digital Public Library of America? by Lisa Louise Cooke
National Archives and Digital Public Library of America

family genealogy podcast anniversary

NEW! Social Media Minute with Rachel Fountain

In this episode we introduce a brand new segment devoted to genealogy on social media. Rachel shares some of her favorite podcast that you may want to start listening to as well:

Family Ghosts

Hardcore History

Genealogy Gems

Genealogy Guys

More Perfect

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family genealogy podcast anniversary

Family Tree University Crash Course

Lisa wraps things up on this episode with instructor Lisa Alzo, instructor of the course Organize Your Genealogy Research. It’s always a good time to get organized, and the two Lisas have got some great ideas for you.

The next session of Organize Your Genealogy Research starts July 16, 2018.

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