What It’s Like to be a Family Tree Premium Member

By Ashlee Peck

family tree premium membership

So you’ve been thinking about upgrading your free Family Tree account to a Premium membership for a while now. Our free access is great for beginners. But you’re a seasoned genealogist, and you’ve started to wish you could read more than three of our Premium articles each month. If you want to make an informed decision, join me as I explain all the perks that come with Premium membership.

No limit on Premium articles

Free registered users of our website are able to access all blogs and freemium content, like podcasts and free ebooks. But when it comes to much of our how-to content as well as content from our magazine issues, free users are limited to three articles per month. Premium articles throughout the Family Tree website are indicated by a lock icon. Joining as a Premium member means never being locked out from seeing any of our content.

17 years of archived content

As a Premium member, you will have full access to almost two decades of our magazine content, online articles and blogs. That’s thousands of timeless how-to genealogy articles. Family Tree Premium is the genealogy reference library you can access 24/7 from the comfort of home!

New magazine articles, before they’re printed

Premium members are the first to access all of new magazine content, before it’s published in print. Get the best genealogy how-to content available, including advice from top experts and the best websites and resources for tracing your roots.

Premium members also have access to:

  • Exclusive content just for Premium members
  • How-to genealogy videos demonstrating key resources and research methods
  • Research with guides to tracing your roots in every US state and many foreign countries

If you’re looking for even more…

Want a print Family Tree Magazine subscription to go with your Premium membership? Save by purchasing a VIP membership.

Join today!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for an annual membership today, so the genealogy tips and resources you need are always just a few clicks away.

family tree premium membership