RootsFinder Announces Experimental New DNA Tools

By Ashlee Peck

rootsfinder announces new dna tools release

It’s been just over a year since RootsFinder entered the genealogy playing field as a family tree website. Not only do they provide the option of a free-forever plan (with limited ads), but they make researching your family history much easier, especially if you’re just getting started.

If you’ve not checked out RootsFinder yet, you’re missing out on some handy tools. Unlike the majority of online family trees, RootsFinder provides hints for other websites as well, including FamilySearch,, and MyHeritage, just to name a few. You can also import your family tree directly from FamilySearch, and then adjust your tree within RootsFinder as you see fit.

The site also makes sharing easy with a beautiful media wall, social sharing, and videos created from your photos. Add in their integration with GenSmarts, evidence analysis and embedded research logs, and you’ll see why this site is definitely worth checking out.

But wait – there’s actually more.

rootsfinder announces new dna tools release

Experimental New DNA Tools

RootsFinder announced today that they’ve now added experimental new DNA tools to their site. The new tools will allow you to visualize and analyze your DNA matches and tag kits to your tree. Included with these tools are the following:

GEDMatch import

After creating your tree, this new function allows RootsFinder to analyze your DNA matches and create several views to help you make connections.

List view

Show all matches for a given kit via a sortable and filterable list.

Kit view

RootsFinder’s new kit view displays detailed information about selected kits: the kit owner’s name and contact information, who you have matched this kit to in your tree and a fan chart displaying the MRCA (most-recent common ancestor), notes/communication history, a chromosome browser, and a “mini-tree” showing a pedigree chart for the kit. You can also import mini-trees from GedMatch or WikiTree.

Segment view

This tool shows how the various segment matches relate to one another, chromosome by chromosome, grouped into matching segment blocks. I think this view is the most easily understood.

Triangulation view

Show relationship clusters using a zoomable view that lets you see at a glance how all of your matching kits relate to one another. You can reveal how that kit is related to you, or see how other kits are related to each other.


About RootsFinder

RootsFinder was founded in 2015 by Dallan Quass, CTO of FamilySearch from 2002-2004 and the creator of and, two of FamilyTree Magazine’s top 101 genealogy websites. Dallan is joined at RootsFinder by Heather Henderson, Erin Harris, and other experienced genealogists who share his love of family history.

If you’re new to RootsFinder, you’ll have two options for membership: an ad-supported Free-Forever plan, and a $35/year Pro plan that removes ads and includes additional storage and advanced features. Everyone gets a 30-day Pro plan for free.