Search 40,000 Bible Records Free in the DAR’s Genealogical Research System

By Diane Haddad

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) has added a new resource to its Genealogical Research System (the online indexes that let you search for Patriots and other ancestors named in DAR member applications). Now you also can name-search 40,000 (and growing) records and transcriptions from family Bibles.

Most of the records come from DAR Genealogical Research Committee (GRC) Reports. Here’s a sample of search results:

You’ll get a description of the Bible with the name you searched highlighted; life dates or a birth, marriage or death year for the person; and source information about the GRC report that provided the name.

If the GRC report contained multiple names from the same Bible page, you’ll be able to click a page number to see the other names from that page. You also can click to search for the GRC report in the DAR online library catalog.

GRCs collected a range of genealogical data, and you may find relatives in the database even if your family wasn’t around during the American Revolution. My Seeger search resulted in people born from 1842 to 1850 (no relatives, unfortunately). In the results shown above, Norris Cotton and his wife were born in 1913 and 1916, respectively.

The Genealogical Research System is free to search. To order a copy of a report containing your relative’s name, you can use the DAR Library’s Search Service.

Click here to search DAR’s new Bible records index.