Making Connections: Hungary, Old-School Genealogy and Photo Software

By Family Tree Editors Premium

Hungary for More

I wanted to say I love your new magazine! Now, may I please suggest an in-depth article on researching Hungary ancestry in a future issue? It’s a little tiring to see the most common large European countries covered, such as France, Ireland, Germany. I feel like Hungary is overlooked as it’s a tiny country on the European map.



via e-mail

Editor’s note: Don’t miss our complete guide to tracing your Eastern European roots — including Hungary — in the next issue.

Genealogy, Unplugged

How about an article about free goodies that can be obtained by either mail or via an 800 number? I ask you to remember that not all of your readers are part of the 35 million Internet genealogists whom Mr. Fryxell mentions in his column in the June 2001 issue (“Out on a Limb”). There are still quite a large number of us who do not have Internet access at this time. We are doing our family research “the old-fashioned way” and savoring the “finds” a little more because of it.

Please don’t turn your magazine into just another “Internet mag,” because it is truly enjoyable and informative.


Jacksonville, Fla.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, most of the “freebies” featured in our June cover story are free precisely because they use the Internet for delivery and there’s no cost of printing, manufacturing or mailing. But we have what we hope is the next best thing in this issue — a guide to the best buys in genealogy (page 14), many of which don’t require getting on the Internet.

Out of the Picture

I just finished reading your article on multimedia (“Memory Insurance,” August 2001). It was very good and confirmed some of the things I do at my Web site <>. But you might want to pass along to your readers that one image-database software you listed, Image AXS from Caere Corp., is no longer available for purchase.


I always find Family Tree Magazine worth the investment. Your articles are well-written, informative and frequently entertaining.


via e-mail

From the December 2001 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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