Making Connections: Software Reviews and Lithuanian Heritage

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Worth the wait

Congratulations on another excellent edition. After reading the premiere issue, I couldn’t wait till the second copy hit the shelves. This one is incredible, with lots of good content to digest. I’ve read the April 2000 issue cover to cover and now can’t wait to see what I will learn in the next issue.



Galion, Ohio

Reviewing the review

In the story “Suite Success” (April) there are approximately 25 column inches. Four and ¾ inches (less than 20 percent) are devoted to the Generations genealogy program and another 3¼ inches (13 percent) to Snapshot Express. The balance is devoted to general editorial comment and to Master Cook.

The story appears as though you are not really trying to present an evaluation of the software. On the one hand, you do make a statement about its inability to merge a GEDCOM file into an existing database, but on the other, you completely overlooked one of the really good capabilities of this program. Apparently no one tried preparing reports such as the Ancestor and Descendant charts. The ability to allow you to produce both regular and large-size charts and to edit and customize these charts is outstanding. Just read the box! Better yet, give it a thorough test.


Redmond, Wash.

Editor’s note: We put Generations and eight other programs to the test in this issue.

Ethnic extravaganza


I love your magazine. It’s well laid-out, the articles are interesting and it includes very helpful information. The first issue I picked up is the one focusing on your German heritage (April). I am German (as well as Lithuanian and Italian) and I loved reading about part of my heritage. I hope you continue to include a new nationality every issue. I would really love to see one on the Lithuanian heritage; there is not a lot of information out there, at least not as far as I’ve found. I really want to learn more about this side of me, too.


via e-mail

Editor’s note: We’ll spotlight a different heritage each issue — this time, it’s English. Watch for stories on Scandinavian, Italian, Polish and African-American ancestry, for example, already on the drawing board. Readers, what others do you want to see?
From the June 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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