Genealogy Gift Guide: Skill-Building 

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Things break, and events end, but knowledge lasts for a lifetime. If you’re looking for some great gifts for your favorite genealogist, these suggestions provide an opportunity to build new research skills and techniques. Here are gifts that will allow them (or you, we’re strong believers in giving oneself the occasional gifts as well) to make 2017 a year of breakthroughs and achievement. 

1. Geography Skills: Get big, pretty maps and develop your understanding of European geography – as it relates to genealogy research – with this European Maps collection. From a great poster to a gorgeous coffee table book filled with maps from several different years, this collection will provide a ton of incentive to learn their geography. 

2. Problem-Solving Skills: Why not use Timeline Tricks to Solve Genealogy Problems? This 30-minute presentation demonstrates how to use timelines to find the holes in genealogy research, as well as provide fun, beautiful ways of presenting the data. 

3. Technology Skills: Is your favorite family history nut getting a new smart phone or tablet? Give them this webinar recording so they can find all kinds of fun genealogy-related apps and tools to use with it. Get Terrific Technology Tricks for Genealogy

4. Genetic Genealogy Skills: If they’re getting a DNA test in their stocking, give them the keys to understanding what the test does with this 4-week online course on Genetic Genealogy 101. If they’re familiar with DNA testing, sign them up for this webinar on DNA Analysis, happening January 24th: Deep DNA Analysis Techniques

5: Research Skills: Is your gift recipient new to genealogy? Start them out with our introductory course, which they can start at any time. Discover Your Family Tree: Genealogy for the Absolute Beginner. More experienced genealogists might prefer to get a Boost in their Research Productivity with this presentation for tackling their research, or they might want Research Tips to Overcome Brick Walls

6. Organization Skills: Organize Your Genealogy in a Week workshop. Organization doesn’t have to be painful. Tackling a project like your genealogy research is a great way to achieve a sense of accomplishment and build a basis for developing new ideas. You can also purchase the book, Organize Your Genealogy, by Drew Smith. 


7. Analysis Skills: A good researcher develops their ability to view records and documents with a critical eye and piece together information that might conflict or seem unrelated. Not all the source information was accurate. Learn how to tell fact from fiction when it comes to your ancestors with this video presentation.  

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