Family Tree University’s Winter 2021 Virtual Conference

Stay inside and stay cozy with Family Tree University’s Winter 2021 Virtual Conference! Unlike in-person genealogy conferences and seminars, you can take part in this anywhere you can connect to the internet: at home, at the library, at the coffee shop with your laptop—choose the spot that works best for you. Over the course of three days, you’ll have access to the latest research methods for finding your family history, from DNA testing and the latest technology to new resources and search tools. Get 15 on-demand presentations that you can download and keep, along with several live Q&As and access to professional genealogists through the discussion boards.

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Virtual Conference Highlights

  • 15 half-hour, on-demand video classes covering a variety of topics including: Genealogy & DNA, Research Methods & Strategies, Genealogy Technology and Heritage & Immigration. Click on the links to learn more about the classes offered in each category.
  • LIVE keynote speaker: Our Saturday keynote speaker, Lisa Louis Cooke, will be discussing how to track down ancestors like a cold case detective.
  • LIVE Q&A and message board discussions: Enhance your conference experience by participating in conversations with FTU staff and moderators. In addition to the discussion boards, there will be live Q&As.
  • Unlimited viewing: Your all-access pass gets you into all 15 classes during the three-day conference—you can even download the videos to watch again later or view ones you missed!
  • Make your own schedule: Because the video sessions are pre-recorded, you don’t have to show up at a specific time to catch the ones you want—or choose between sessions you’re interested in.

Live Keynote Presentation
Saturday, March 13 at
4:00 PM EST

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Live Q&A and Discussion Board Sessions

Genealogy & DNA Video Presentations

Research Methods & Strategies Video Presentations

Genealogy Technology Video Presentations

Heritage & Immigration Video Presentations