Genealogy News Corral: August 17-22

By Diane Haddad

  • To celebrate back-to-school season, genealogy website Mocavo—one of our 101 Best Websites for genealogy—is offering free access to its universal search of all databases at once this weekend, Aug. 22-24. (Normally on Mocavo, you can search one database at a time for free, but you need a subscription to search multiple databases at once.) You’ll need to create a free basic Mocavo account to use the open access offer, and it ends Sunday, Aug. 24 at 11 p.m. Eastern. You’ll find more details on the Mocavo blog.
  • has launched a Hall of Heroes campaign to help you share stories about heroic figures in your family history—whether their deeds have been officially recognized in some way, or are known only to you. You can submit your family hero’s story and describe records where you found the information, and read about other heroes documented in the site’s collections. Browse the Hall of Heroes website here.
  • Registration opens Sept. 9 at 1 p.m. Eastern for the 2015 Forensic Genealogy Institute. The event itself takes place March 26-28 next year in Dallas; find a course description here. Forensic genealogy is a profession involving genealogy research and reporting in cases with legal implications (such as heirship), and the institute is intended for those wanting to develop their skills in the forensic genealogy field.
  • FamilySearch Family Tree, the FamilySearch site where users can contribute to a single world family tree, now gives you hints for suggested records at that may match an ancestor in your tree. FamilySearch recently updated the hinting software, so you might see new hints next time you visit your tree. Hints appear as yellow icons in the Descendancy View and in the Record Hints box on a relative’s Personal Details page. Read more about hints on the FamilySearch Blog.