Internet Archive Uploads Giant Collection of Old Photos & Images to Flickr

By Diane Haddad

Genealogists know the Internet Archive as a free online repository of digitized books (as well as the home of the Wayback Machine archive of cached websites).

Now, Internet Archive has made itself a resource for old photos, too. The site recently posted several million images from digitized books to Flickr.

If you click on an image in the photo stream and scroll down a little, you’ll see the publication title and page number where the image came from, in addition to links to the book page on Internet Archive, the book’s catalog listing on Internet Archive, and the rest of the images from that book.

You’ll also find tags that other Flickr viewers have added for the book year, century (1800, 1900), subjects, etc. If you click a tag, you’ll see other images with the same tag.

To search the Internet Archive collection, type your terms into the search box at the top right. As you type, a dropdown menu will appear with options to search all photo streams or just Internet Archives’ photo stream. Choose that one.

(With subsequent searches, I found that I had to return to the Internet Archive collection home to get the option to limit my results to that collection.)

Here are some of my results from my Cincinnati Germans search:

The image below is St. John’s Evangelical German Protestant Church, from page 197 of the 1892 Centennial Anniversary of the City of Hamilton, Ohio.

I can see this collection being useful for finding images related to your family history, such as the places your family lived or their jobs and activities. It’s also another entry to search and view the digitized pages at Internet Archive. Read more about the Internet Archive collection on the Flickr blog.

Access the Internet Archive Book Images collection here.