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Spring into a season of genealogy breakthroughs with the tools, resources and techniques you’ll learn in our 3-day online conference. From the latest technology and tools to using your DNA results, along with plenty of resources and strategies for finding and using records in your research, you’ll spend the rest of the year watching your family tree bloom.

Tell Your Ancestor’s Story Workshop


Everyone has a story! Bring your family history to life and share it with others so they can see how fascinating your ancestors were. In this week-long workshop, you’ll get the opportunity to learn different methods of telling your ancestor’s story, including how to incorporate historical details to add context to their personal narrative and tips for great story craft. By the end of the week, you’ll be ready to publish your ancestor’s tale.

Mastering Family Tree Maker


In this brand-new course, you’ll get lessons that will help you understand Family Tree Maker software from the first moment you open it. You’ll learn how to upload an existing tree or start a new one, as well as how to sync it with your online trees at Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org. You’ll discover how to use its vast array of options to manage your information, create charts and reports, and search for your information on the web – all using this software.