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Hear about the best genealogy tools and tips directly from Family Tree Magazine‘s editors and experts! Tune in to the Family Tree Magazine Podcast for a dose of genealogy education and fun.

In this monthly online radio show, host Lisa Louise Cooke—creator of the popular Genealogy Gems podcast—takes you behind the scenes to learn more about genealogy topics from our magazine, books, courses and more. Each episode features interviews with genealogy experts and Family Tree editors on using genealogy websites, records and resources, along with sneak peeks at the latest tools from Family Tree.

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March 2019 Episode

Discover valuable resources for online records with this month’s genealogy podcast! Learn all about navigating online records with Lisa.

February 2019 Episode

In this month’s episode, discover plenty of genealogy problem-solving tricks and techniques, including how Deborah Abbott uses cluster research and what to do if your DNA match has no tree.

January 2019 Episode

In this month’s episode, we’re all about starting the new year off well with plenty of organization tips and tricks to make 2019 your best year in genealogy yet. Join us!

December 2018 Episode

2018 has been a busy year in the genealogy world! We’re wrapping it up with a recap, and chatting about what we look forward to in 2019. Join us!

November 2018 Episode

If you have any UK ancestry, you won’t want to miss this episode! Lisa and her guests discuss the best UK websites, the genes that make up the British Isles, and much more!

October 2018 Episode

This month, we’re sharing strategies for your biggest genealogy problems, discussing the difference between mitochondrial DNA and the X-Chromosome, and looking at FamilySearch’s Communities. Grab your headphones!

September 2018 Episode

This month we’re discussing unusual immigration records that you might not have thought to check, and heading over to the Cincinnati public library where we chat with the manager of of the Genealogy and Local History Department. Plus, find out which websites are best for saving and sharing your research. And much more!

August 2018 Episode

Recorded live at the FGS conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, it’s our annual Best Genealogy Websites episode. We’re discussing our 101 best sites list, interviewing Daniel Horowitz from MyHeritage, chatting with Rick Voight from Vivid-Pix and much more. Don’t miss this episode!

July 2018 Episode

In this episode we’re not only discussing DNA and adoption, but also premiering several new segments. Come check out the Family Tree Magazine Podcast’s facelift!

June 2018 Episode

The Family Tree Podcast is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! Join us as we discuss some of our favorite stories and interviews from the last decade.

May 2018 Episode

Need help deciding which DNA test is right for you? In this month’s podcast we’ll share tips for selecting your test. We’re also discussing Family Tree Magazine’s new look. Join us!

April 2018 Episode

Ready to dive into Grab your headphones and join Lisa and her guests as they discuss top tips for maximizing the site, as well as our newly updated Unofficial Guide to!

March 2018 Episode

This month Lisa focuses on online family trees. We’ll be discussing tips for digitizing your history, MyHeritage’s tree hints, and more

February 2018 Episode

This month is all about genetic genealogy. We’ll be discussing’s new Migrations tool, top DNA websites, and much more!

January 2018 Episode

Our January Podcast is all about famous family trees. Join Lisa as she discusses heraldry and the upcoming royal wedding.

December 2017 Episode

In our December 2017 podcast, we’ll be discussing DNA and adoption, plus some of our favorite things from 2017!

November 2017 Episode

In our November 2017 podcast, Lisa shares tips on creating a family history book, plus websites for sharing your family history.

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October 2017 Episode

In our October 2017 podcast, Lisa Louise Cooke investigates tips for breaking down brick walls, knowing when to hire an expert, and chats with the FTU Dean about 3 of the top tips she’s learned over the years from FTU instructors.

September 2017 Episode

In our September 2017 podcast episode, host Lisa Louise Cooke discusses the 101 Best Genealogy Sites of 2017, along with interviews from the editors of Family Tree Magazine.

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August 2017 Episode

Learn what you can expect from Family Tree University’s Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference, including previews of sessions and how to make the most of the experience.

July 2017 Episode

Discover tools for using DNA testing in your genealogy research.

June 2017 Episode

Learn more about your family history using old maps and mapping tools.

May 2017 Episode

Research your heritage with these tips.

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DNA Bargains

April 2017 Episode

Explore the records of your ancestors in the Great War.

March 2017 Episode

In this episode, Lisa and her guests talk about genealogy websites, including tricks for making the most of the ones you know and introducing a few you might not.

February 2017 Episode

In this February 2017 podcast, we celebrate Black History Month with tips for tracing your African-American ancestry.

January 2017 Episode

In this January 2017 podcast, we kick off the year talking about how to plan for genealogy success.

December 2016 Episode

In this December podcast, we talk about finding our U.S.-based ancestors through state records.

November 2016 Episode

Step into your ancestor’s shoes and discover what life was really like for them by reconstructing their neighborhoods and mining social history for clues.

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October 2016 Episode

Learn all about what cemetery records you can find and how they can benefit your genealogy research in this month’s podcast.

September 2016 Episode

We’re celebrating our 100th episode with a look back at the highlights of some of our most memorable podcasts. From special censuses to unusual surnames, join us in revisiting our favorite genealogy search tips and resources.

August 2016 Episode

Take a look at the 101 Best Websites of 2016 to discover some great tools and research techniques for finding your ancestors online.

July 2016 Episode

In this episode of the Family Tree Podcast, we talk about the genealogy organization tips, tools and techniques for making your family history research easy to access and understand.

June 2016 Episode

In this episode, we explore all the ways you can maximize military records to get tons of tips for learning about your military ancestor and their time spent in service to their country.

May 2016 Episode

Get great genealogy tips and research strategies for tackling those hard-to-find ancestors! In this episode, you’ll learn the benefits of talking in person to genealogy and local history experts at regional conferences, the benefits of newspaper archives and how to find your ancestors hidden in the census, and more.

April 2016 Episode

In this month’s episode, get the scoop on tracing your immigrant ancestors, from Eastern European countries and Germany to finding your Irish immigrant ancestors.

March 2016 Episode

Learn the online tools and resources you can use in your genealogy research.

February 2016 Episode

In this month’s episode, get the best genealogy research tips for searching your family’s last names, from geographical tools and maps to the best websites and search methods.

January 2016 Episode 

In this month’s episode, learn the top tips for genealogical success in 2016.

December 2015 Episode

In this month’s episode, learn how cloud computing can help you preserve and organize your genealogy research.

November 2015 Episode

In this month’s episode, learn how to break down those brick walls in your family tree with fantastic tips and tools from Lisa Louise Cooke and her guests.

October 2015 Episode

This month, learn how to use your time at the courthouse wisely with these 4 tips for finding courthouse records.

September 2015 Episode

This episode is all about getting organized so you can quickly store and secure your genealogical findings and build your portfolio.

August 2015 Episode

This month, learn about the 101 best websites in genealogy for 2015. Also, get a look into the Fall Virtual Conference and what you’ll find in the Unofficial Guide to

July 2015 Episode

This month, learn how to start searching for your family history with hints from Discover Your Roots, Instant Discoveries on MyHeritage, the Family Tree Memory Keeper by Allison Dolan and more.

This month’s theme is Rooting Out Research Mistakes. Host Lisa Louise Cooke interviews contributing editors Sunny Morton and Nancy Hendrickson for tips on how to keep your genealogy clean of errors. Plus, learn how to correct mistakes on

May 2015 Episode

This month’s theme is Archiving Family Photos. Host Lisa Louise Cooke interviews the Family Curator, Denise May Levenick, for tips on photo organizing secrets, editor Diane Haddad offers 25 keepsake family photo projects and Lisa provides strategies for navigating the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.

 April 2015 Episode

This month’s theme is Source Citations Made Easy. Lisa interviews guests about key strategies for creating simple source citations, including Shannon Combs Bennett, instructor of the course Source Citations for Regular People. Plus, Lisa walks through how to use WorldCat’s source documentation tool.

March 2015 Episode

This month’s theme is Mapping Mania. Lisa interviews guests about mapping strategies, websites to find and use old maps like HistoryGeo, David Rumsey and Google Earth, and the brand new Family Tree Historical Maps Book: Europe.

February 2015 Episode

This month’s theme is Online Genealogy Hints and Hacks. We talk about tips for sites from Google to Facebook to Plus, download a free cheat sheet of Keyboard Shortcuts.

January 2015 Episode

In the 15th Anniversary episode of the podcast, Host Lisa Louise Cooke asks the editors and writers of Family Tree Magazine to reminisce about the past decade and a half in genealogy, and to speculate on the future of family history. Plus, enter the mega 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes!

December 2014 Episode

This month’s theme is ‘The Genealogy Year in Review.” We’ll discuss major genealogy news to happen in 2014, the best family history websites of 2014, and tips from the best webinars to take place this year. Plus, enter our Anniversary contest to win a great prize!

November 2014 Episode

This month’s theme is DNA & Your Genealogy. Learn about how CeCe Moore conducts DNA research for the TV show “Finding Your Roots,” go inside Family Tree DNA with founder Bennett Greenspan, and get a crash course in genetic genealogy with expert Blaine Bettinger.

October 2014 Episode

This month’s theme is Haunting Ancestral Cemeteries. Learn how to analyze ancestral tombstones, find obituaries online, and how to prepare and carry out a visit to the cemetery.

September 2014 Episode

This month’s theme is Your Genealogy Preparedness Plan. Learn how to backup your research digitally, archive your physical files and ensure the long-term preservation of your genealogy.

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August 2014 Episode

In this month’s episode we discuss Family Tree Magazine’s list of Best Genealogy Websites for 2015. The list includes selections from to Chronicling America to Evernote. Plus: Learn about Family Tree University’s Fall 2014 Virtual Conference.

July 2014 Episode

In this month’s episode, learn all about You’ll hear about the site’s recent attack from hackers, about the retirement of popular services like MyFamily and Mundia, and about the Unofficial Guide to book.

June 2014 Episode

This month’s theme is Tracing Your Military Ancestors. Learn how to find info on your female veteran ancestors, what military records you can find on, how to find US military records and how to share your veteran ancestors’ story.

May 2014 Episode

Prepare for your summer genealogy road trips and tours with the information in this episode, including what to pack, using your iPad for genealogy on the go, and the best apps for researching on the road.

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April 2014 Episode

For many genealogists, the final goal of their family research is to share it with future generations, allowing our origins to paint our identity. This month, learn about the different tools available to help you record and preserve your family’s story.

March 2014 Episode

Because brick walls are such a consistent nuisance for genealogists, learn how to combat them with the latest tips and tricks from the experts, including the Family Tree German Genealogy Guide, the Digital Public Library of American website, the Unpuzzling County Boundaries on demand webinar and the Family Tree Problem Solver.

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February 2014 Episode

On the heels of the annual RootsTech conference, learn about the latest high-tech research tools, including the massive databases on, 41 free family history tools, the upcoming web-centric issue, and Family Tree University’s Winter 2014 Virtual Conference.

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January 2014 Episode

This episode’s theme is the 175th Anniversary of Photography. Learn about photo editing and retouching for genealogists, cool photo features on sites like MyHeritage and, and hear about the history of photography from the Photo Detective herself, Maureen Taylor.

December 2013 Episode

This episode’s theme is State Sources. Learn about the best state websites for your genealogy, go inside the wealth of information at the Kentucky Historical Society and discover state crash courses at Family Tree Shop.

November 2013 Episode

This episode’s theme is Ethnic Heritage. Learn about your immigrant ancestors through church records, the National Archives of Norway, Czech and Slovak Genealogy courses and through ethnic value packs and eBooks.

October 2013 Episode

This month’s theme is Family History Month. Learn how to convert old home videos, organize your genealogy, and how to use the site Tribal Pages. Plus: New section in Family Tree Magazine!

September 2013 Episode

This month’s theme is Genealogy & Geography. Learn how to trace your ancestral village, money-saving resources for genealogists, and how to add “local flavor” to your genealogy. Plus: National Preparedness Month.


August 2013 Episode

This month’s theme is 101 Best Genealogy Websites 2013. Learn about some of this year’s best websites, including the Newberry Library,, and My Genealogy Hound. Plus: Become an Power User.


July 2013 Episode

This month’s theme is Civil War Roots. Learn how to find your Gettysburg ancestors, honor the battlefield with a  virtual visit, and learn to navigate the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System website.


June 2013 Episode

This month’s theme is Family History Freebies. Learn about some free family history tools, Heritage Quest, and how to become a Power User.

May 2013 Episode

This month, explore overlooked and underused sources with courthouse records, probate records and CyndisList.

April 2013 Episode

This month, explore American history for genealogists with historic maps, social history tools and the Family Tree Magazine Top 40 Genealogy Blogs.

This episode is sponsored by Saving Memories Forever.

This month, dig into your female roots with the book From the Family Kitchen and Family Tree University’s new Finding Female Ancestors course. Plus: Take a closer look at

February 2013 Episode

Learn tips on historic photo identification and preservation from the Family Photo Detective, learn about the historical photograph identification site Dead Fred from founder Joe Bott, and explore a Family Tree University Power Course on photo restoration and preservation.

January 2013 Episode

This month, explore genealogy online by learning about Google Books,, and the Ultimate Google for Genealogists Collection.

December 2012 Episode

Celebrate the holidays be recording your family history. Learn quick tips for getting your name on the bookshelf or take an online course on creating a family book. Plus, discover British records on

November 2012 Episode

This month, give thanks for your family by digitizing your documents and photos. Learn tricks for scanning old pictures, discover how Facebook can house your history, and get the details on digital photography essentials.

October 2012 Episode

This month, celebrate Halloween by diving into your heritage. Learn how to navigate a cemetery, tips and tricks for tombstones and the benefits of Find A Grave.

September 2012 Episode

Source documentation, the benefits of DNA testing and how to prevent sick sources from infiltrating your tree.

August 2012 Episode

Genealogy mobile apps, tips and tricks for family history travel, a tour of top mobile websites and the Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference.

July 2012 Episode

Celebrate The War of 1812 Bicentennial, get an update on the 1940 census, learn tips for Revolutionary War genealogy resources and how to search the Daughters of the American Revolution website. Plus: Secrets on how to find your immigrant ancestors.

June 2012 Episode

Find out the best websites for putting your ancestors in historical context, get a taste of your family’s food history, and learn tips and tricks for researching your ancestors in old newspapers. Plus: How to locate archived genealogy blog posts on any subject.

May 2012 Episode

Understanding the 1862 Homestead Act, using the Newberry Atlas of Historical Boundaries, and demystifying confusing land record terms. Plus: Why Facebook’s new timeline has a silver lining for genealogists.

April 2012 Episode

Making the most of the 1940 Census, an interview with Amy Johnson Crow at, and a great deal on an upcoming Family Tree University course. Plus: Why you should follow a genealogy company’s social media accounts.

March 2012 Episode

Finding living relatives, verifying data from online family trees, and an interview with Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogist at Plus: Using Facebook to find out more about your ancestor’s hometown.

February 2012 Episode

The campaign to save the Social Security Death Index, an interview with Mocavo’s Chief Genealogist, a sneak peek at the Spring 2012 Virtual Conference, and an overview of Family Tree University’s online genealogy education offerings. Plus: Learn how hashtags can make your next genealogy conference more fun…even if you’re stuck at home.

January 2012 Episode

Tips on organizing your family archive, a discussion on using Evernote to keep your genealogical research organized, and a sneak peek at the upcoming season of “Who Do You Think You Are?” Plus: Learn the one trick that will help you make new friends in the online genealogical community.

December 2011 Episode

Tips on naming conventions, a discussion of the Western States Historical Marriage Index, and news on brand-new courses for beginners at Family Tree University. Plus: Learn more about Google+, a new networking tool that’s taken the online genealogy community by storm.

November 2011 Episode

Tips on how to get relatives to discuss family history, a discussion of the Historic American Cookbook Project, and news on the Genealogists for Families project at Plus: Learn more about creating a family history book from Family Tree University’s Nancy Hendrickson.

October 2011 Episode

Using autosomal DNA testing to solve family mysteries, planning a research trip to Salt Lake City, and an introduction to Kerry Scott, the newest member of the Family Tree Magazine staff. Plus: Learn more about land records from Family Tree University’s Diana Crisman Smith.

September 2011 Episode

Search secrets for online newspaper collections, a crash course in finding digitized old books on the web, and pointers for using the Periodical Source Index to find articles about your ancestry. Plus: A new source for US census records online.

August 2011 Episode

Tips for tracing your roots in the old country, including a crash course in German genealogy with Family Tree University instructor Jim Beidler, the benefits of heritage societies and an introduction to the Genlias website of Dutch records. Plus: Win photo organizing help and hear the latest FamilySearch news.

July 2011 Episode

Get acquainted with Family Tree Magazine‘s 101 Best Websites of 2011. David A. Fryxell points out some of his favorite resources, and Allison Stacy gives us the scoop on the Family Tree University Virtual Conference in August. Plus: Google Earth for Genealogists, online backup services and 1940 census enumeration districts.

June 2011 Episode

Hit the road with Family Tree Magazine this summer — the June episode of the podcast offers up advice for taking research trips and preserving your ancestors’ souvenirs. Plus: Learn about our state research webinars and the Early American Roads and Trails website.

May 2011 Episode

It’s all about photos this month, as host Lisa Louise Cooke explores Flickr, gets advice from Photo Detective Maureen A. Taylor and talks digital photography with Nancy Hendrickson. Plus: Tips on new deals at Family Tree Shop, news from the blogosphere and advice for preserving digital images.

April 2011 Episode

April’s episode is all about Civil War and military research. We chat with Michael Varhola, the author of Life in Civil War America, and Diana Crisman Smith, the instructor of Family Tree University’s US Military Research class and the Civil War Research class. Plus: Tips on preserving military uniforms and details on how to enter our Civil War sweepstakes.

March 2011 Episode

Trying to find an ancestors whose case has gone cold? Lisa Alzo offers brick wall busting strategies from our March 2011 issue. We also dig into Irish resources, talk about source documentation and offer advice on digital photo preservation.

February 2011 Episode

February is Black History Month, and this edititon of the podcast is chock full of great resources for African-American researchers. We’ve got a look at, our African-American newspapers FTU course and some preservation projects focused on black history. Plus: An insider’s look at the new season of “Who Do You Think You Are?”

January 2011 Episode

We’ll show you how to get 2011 started on the right foot in this episode of the podcast. Along with a look at the new FamilySearch site and helpful web tool Evernote, we’ve got tips for using a research plan and ways you can make 2011 the year of the heirloom. Also: An inside look at the FTU course Organize Your Genealogy.

December 2010 Episode

This episode offers tips for collecting family stories, preserving heirloom recipes and organizing your memories online. Plus: learn how to create a family history book at Family Tree University and news from the blog.

November 2010 Episode

US research is the focus of this episode, with the best websites for state research and the Washington State Digital Archive. Plus: tips for using US vital records from Family Tree University, news from FamilySearch and tips for organizing your heirlooms.

October 2010 Episode

In this episode, we’ve got advice on tracing immigrant ancestors, news about’s acquisition of, Scots-Irish research tips and more. Plus: Overwhelmed with papers? Learn what to keep and what to trash in the Safe Keeping segment.

In this episode of the podcast, we’ve got a roundup of portable scanners, advice on going green with your research and a look at the new FamilySearch Beta website. Plus: Digital Library of Georgia and advice for dealing with digital photos.

Having trouble finding your family tree’s Mr. Right? Helpful advice from Sharon DeBartolo Carmack will help you break down your brick wall, as will advice from Allison Stacy and Family Tree University. Plus: News from the blogosphere, Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness and our upcoming November 2010 issue.

We talk about our list of Family Tree Magazine‘s 101 Best Websites for 2010, and give you links to some of the best preservation resources online. You’ll meet the new intern, hear about the Family Tree Sourcebook and find out how to submit photos of your Civil War-era ancestors for our next book.

We celebrate the podcast’s second anniversary with tips for preserving your own legacy and heirlooms plus a look at our next book, the Family Tree Pocket Reference. Daniel Horowitz gives us a tour of, and Lisa takes you inside her Reverse Genealogy class at Family Tree University.

We’re hanging out in the cemetery this month, with previews of our latest book, Grave Humor, advice on doing tombstone rubbings and info on a great cemetery website. Also, Diane talks about the National Genealogical Society Conference, and Allison talks about upcoming Family Tree University courses.
Be the first to know about our new book, 101 Brick Wall Busters. Plus, you’ll hear the latest “Who Do You Think You Are?” news, get an inside look at, and find out about our new course for genealogy newbies. Plus, get tips for preserving heirloom quilts.
The March 2010 episode of our podcast is a census extravaganza to go along with our May 2010 issue. Editor Allison Stacy talks about the 2010 census and our back issues on CD, and Managing Editor Diane Haddad talks about the new hit NBC show “Who Do You Think You Are?” Take a tour of’s interactive census records, and learn how to preserve your family Bible in Safe Keeping with Grace Dobush.
Tune into the February 2010 episode of our podcast, which features tips on African-American genealogy, newspaper preservation and tips for getting your genealogy in shape. Editor Allison Stacy talks about genealogy education opportunities, and Managing Editor Diane Haddad talks about new resources for African-American research. And you can hear our new preservation segment, Safe Keeping with Grace Dobush.

The January 2010 episode of our podcast is celebration of Family Tree Magazine’s 10th anniversary. Founder and contributing editor David Fryxell talks with us about the origins of Family Tree Magazine and shares some of the top tips from its pages over the last decade. Managing Editor Diane Haddad goes behind the scenes at And you can hear our latest segment, the Family Tree University Crash Course.

December 2009 Episode

Learn about our search for the funniest tombstone photos, and Diane Haddad tells you how you can submit captions for possible inclusion in our next book. Lisa talks with Illya D’Addezio about Live Roots, a website he founded. Grace Dobush talks about heirloom preservation, and Allison Stacy offers her picks for the best genealogy holiday gifts.

November 2009 Episode

Diane Haddad gives you the inside scoop on Footnote’s new interactive census collection, which will add 9.5 million documents to the website’s collection. GeneTree product manager Dusty Rhoades and your host, Lisa Louise Cooke, discuss DNA facts and fiction, and Rhoades answers the most common questions about DNA services. We explore the Wisconsin Historical Society Library, and Rick Crume shares tips from his article “Clean Sweep.”

October 2009 Episode

The Genealogy Insider Diane Haddad tells you all about the first International Black Genealogy Summit and our quest to find the 40 best genealogy blogs. Searching for Native American roots? Jim Warren offers advice from his article in the November 2009 issue. We get a tour of from its founder, and we explore the East Tennessee History Center.

September 2009 Episode

Trying to track down immigrant ancestors online? In this episode, contributing editor Rick Crume talks about his article “Express Shipping” in the November 2009 issue of Family Tree Magazine, in which he offers four real-life examples of searches that work. We highlight one of our 101 Best Web Sites—HeritageQuest Online, and managing editor Diane Haddad talks about the most recent developments at In the Best of Family Tree Magazine segment, Allison Stacy sheds light on some of the common myths in genealogy, and in Library Spotlight, we show you what the Library of Congress has to offer.

August 2009 Episode

Your host Lisa Louisa Cooke jump starts this month’s podcast by talking with Allison Stacy, publisher and editorial director, about Family Tree Magazine‘s 10th anniversary, as well as a sneak peak of the magazine’s sleek redesign. Managing editor Diane Haddad discusses what’s new with and Footnote. The September 2009 issue is hot off the presses and it contains this year’s 101 Best Web Sites, and contributing editor David Fryxell gives us the low down. The Indian River County Library is in the spotlight with an interview from librarian Pam Cooper, and contributing editor Sharon Carmack talks tombstones in the best of Family Tree Magazine.

July 2009 Episode

This month’s episode is jam-packed with genealogical goodies. Publisher/editorial director Allison Stacy leads you through organizing your genealogical life, while managing editor Diane Haddad serves up the latest news on Genealogy Wise. Top Tips on reverse genealogy are explained by Maureen A. Taylor. Lisa Louise Cooke chats with DeadFred’s Joe Bott about reuniting orphaned photos. In a bonus segment, Lisa explores the genealogical bounty found at the Daughters of the American Revolution library. Also, explore living history with Nancy Hendrickson as she discusses the best of Family Tree Magazine.

June 2009 Episode

Tune in for a host of ideas for advancing your genealogy this summer: In the Top Tips segment, author Sunny Morton shares advice for gathering family history during your family reunion. And before you go buy a “family crest” to show off at the reunion, listen to Lisa’s conversation with Sharon DeBartolo Carmack about heraldry. Lisa and publisher/editorial director Allison Stacy also talk about genealogy events happening this summer where you can boost your research skills and meet the Family Tree Magazine staff. Those with Swedish roots will want to be sure to listen to the 101 Best Web Sites segment on Genline, a subscription Web site with digitized church records and other documents. And if you’re stuck, learn about online services that help you find a researcher for hire.

May 2009 Episode

This episode highlights genealogists’ favorite source: censuses. Learn about “special censuses” of select groups that supplement the regular population schedules. Curt Witcher, department manager for the Historical Genealogy Department of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Ind., talks about these overlooked records. Contributing editor David A. Fryxell shares tips for using online census records. And publisher/editorial director Allison Stacy tells you about an upcoming opportunity to enhance your census research skills: the Online Census Secrets seminar in our new series of online workshops. Plus, hear the breaking news from the National Genealogical Society Conference in host Lisa Louise Cooke’s interview with Genealogy Insider and managing editor Diane Haddad.

April 2009 Episode

Family Tree Magazine Photo Detective Maureen A. Taylor talks with host Lisa Louise Cooke about historical hairstyles and what they can tell us about our ancestors. Debra Chatfield, marketing manager at FindMyPast, covers all the newest online records for tracing British ancestors. And Jim Beidler discusses economic history and its impact on our ancestors lives. Plus, learn about the latest online resource Genealogy Insider blogger Diane Haddad is following, as well as our new CD on European genealogy.

March 2009 Episode

Free e-book offer, RootsMagic 4 public beta test, best and worst states for genealogy research, the Family History Library, World Vital Records and Irish roots.

February 2009 Episode

New record releases, money-saving research tips, Missouri Digital Heritage Initiative, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and advice for creating, sharing and preserving family photos.

January 2009 Episode

Secrets for searching online library catalogs, historical newspapers on GenealogyBank, great ideas for tracing your roots in the new year, and our December contest winner.

December 2008 Episode

Genealogy gifts, top tips for making the most of Google, hints for interviewing relatives over the holidays, genetic genealogy and family networking on GeneTree, plus our contest to win a GeneTree DNA test.

November 2008 Episode

Top tips for researching on your lunch break, the ins and outs of the Civil War Soldier & Sailors System Web site, and the unique genealogy collection of the New England Historic Genealogical Society Library.

October 2008 Episode

Saving money in your research, Footnote’s “Facebook for the Deceased,” exploring the “skeletons” in your family closet,, and library spotlight on Houston’s Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research.

September 2008 Episode

Interviews and news from the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference, plus online military records, a look at the Minnesota Historical Society Web site and tips for using the new

August 2008 Episode

Participating in Family Tree Magazine,’s New Search, research mistakes to avoid, great genealogy freebies and the Perry-Castaneda online map archive.

July 2008 Episode

Sneak peek at the September issue, news from the blogosphere, behind the scenes of our 101 Best Web Sites awards with David A. Fryxell, a look at WeRelate and genealogy “wikis,” plus library spotlight: the Mid-Continent Public Library’s new Midwest Genealogy Center.

June 2008 Episode

Sneak peek at the July issue, State Research Guides, the Family Tree Kids! Web site, Maureen A. Taylor’s hints for connecting with distant cousins, Sharon DeBartolo Carmack’s strategies for breaking through brick walls, plus a look at the WorldCat Web site.