Free Genealogy Cheat Sheets and Family History Ebooks

In addition to our free formsFamily Tree Magazine offers a variety of downloadable reference charts and quick guides to assist you in your research.

All cheat sheets are PDF files—to view or print them, you’ll need the free Adobe Reader software. Most computers come with this program, or you can download it from Adobe.

Genealogy Essentials

A collection of basic tools every family historian needs, including a relationship chart, guidance for documenting your research, research-trip preparation and directories of research locations.

Record References

Don’t waste time searching for records that don’t exist—these cheat sheets list available records and time periods.


Put your research—and your ancestors’ lives—in geographical context with the help of Family Tree Magazine’s exclusive maps.

Computer Aids

We’ve developed lists of tricks, hints and shortcuts, plus the best online genealogy resources, to make your research faster and more efficient.

Foreign & Ethnic Research Helps

From key resources to genealogical peculiarities, refer to these guides for help tracing your roots of a particular heritage.

Free Genealogy e-Books

From surname search strategies to tips for digging deeper into, we provide a number of free e-books to help supercharge your family history.