Computer Aids for Genealogists

Here’s a list of the computer cheat sheets for genealogists currently available for download below. Check back often as we’ll continue to add new ones.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Best Genealogy Websites Directory
  • Free Versions of Subscription Databases
  • Google Cheat Sheet
  • Online Database Search Tracker

To download a cheat sheet:

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Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

No need to click through your software menus—you can perform many common computer functions with a few simple keystrokes, saving time and energy. Refer to our handy list to learn keyboard shortcuts (on Windows and Mac) for everything from searching to saving.

Get the Computer Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet in PDF format:

Best Genealogy Websites

We’ve now converted our annual Best Genealogy Websites feature article into an online directory, arranged by category and regularly updated to stay on top of the constantly changing resources available to aid you in your online genealogy research.

Free Versions of Subscription Databases

Did you know that some of the databases on subscription Web sites are also available elsewhere for free? This chart compares the gratis and subscription versions of several popular data collections.

Get the Free Versions of Subscription Databases Cheat Sheet in PDF format:

Google Cheat Sheet

Learn all the tricks to using this super-powered search engine. Print out this page and keep it next to your computer to save time.

Get the Google Cheat Sheet in PDF format:

Online Database Search Tracker

Use this form to track searches in and other online genealogy databases. You’ll avoid repeating fruitless searches, and, by methodically changing one search term at a time, increase your chances of finding the record you need.

Get the Online Database Search Tracker Form in PDF format: