Genealogy Webinars and Online Courses

A well-structured genealogy course or helpful webinar covering modern research methods can open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities!




Online Tools to Connect with Cousins

Second, third, fourth and beyond cousins, who may be a generation or more “removed” from you, are a huge asset to your family history search. They may have new family information and photos that weren’t passed down through your line. They might be able to shed light on your research brick walls or lend a DNA sample. You might even enjoy swapping stories with them at family reunions! Cousins can hold the key to missing information in your family tree. Join this webinar and learn about some collaboration tools to make the most of your cousin network.


Finding Your Ancestors in International Censuses

On-demand Webinar

Governments have taken censuses of their populations for millennia, including England’s Domesday Book from 1086 which can still be useful to genealogists. This webinar circles the globe to identify the most genealogically important censuses for international research and how to find and use them.



Beginner Genealogy Workshop Collection

Independent Study & On-demand Webinar

This collection of independent studies will get new genealogists on the right track and help them avoid many of the obstacles and mistakes people make when they start researching their family trees. A perfect starting point for new or aspiring family tree researchers!

What’s Included:

  • Trace Your Roots: A Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy (Independent Study)
  • How to Organize and Label Your Digital Files (On-Demand Webinar)

  • Using US Census Records (Independent Study)

Key Steps for Finding Your German Hometown

On-demand Webinar

Because Germany has more localized records than the U.S., finding the specific village of origin for your German immigrant ancestor is essential to getting down to business and making significant progress deep into the Old Country. “Key Steps for Finding Your German Hometown” will arm you with the proper methodologies for finding that village … as well as dealing with the problems associated with garbled place names handed down or found in American records.


Exploring City Directories

On-Demand Webinar

City directories are indispensable locating tools for genealogists, but they go far beyond connecting an ancestor to a certain place in time. They lead to a multitude of sources, contain information of genealogical value beyond the individual listings, and present a fuller picture of ancestors’ lives. Access this on-demand webinar to learn more about using city directories to research your family history.


How to Organize and Label Your Digital Files

On-demand Webinar

If you do much family history research, you’ve probably accumulated hundreds—maybe even thousands—of digital files, including historical records that you have found online, family photographs that you have scanned and pictures of gravestones made with a digital camera. Keeping all those files organized can become an almost overwhelming task. In on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to use file names, metadata and visual labels to bring order to all the family history files and digital photos on your computer.


Using US Census Records

Independent Study

Learn how to search and analyze census records in your genealogy research. US Censuses were taken every ten years and contain much useful information. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of searching the census online, as well as what censuses are available, what information you can find in them, and how to apply them to your family search.