Jewish Roots Timeline

By Family Tree Editors Premium

1007 BCE David rules over the Tribe of Judah
587 BCE First Temple is destroyed
516 BCE Second Temple is built
167 BCE Antiochus IV bans certain Jewish rites
63 BCE Romans conquer Judea
6 CE Judea becomes a Roman province
70 Second Temple of Jerusalem is destroyed
632 Jews are expelled from western Arabia after the death of Muhammad
1264 Statute of Kalisz ensures rights for Jews in Poland
1391 Anti-Jewish riots in Spain lead to 50,000 deaths
1654 First Jewish immigrants arrive in New Amsterdam
1791 Pale of Settlement sets boundaries for Jewish residency in Russia
1881-1924 Jews emigrate to the United States en masse
1916 George Gershwin (born Jacob Gershovitz) sells his first song
1938-1945 About 6 million Jews die in the Holocaust
1948 Israel declares independence
1952 Selman Abraham Waksman wins a Nobel Prize for his work on antibiotics
1993 Schindler’s List wins seven Oscars