A Click Away: Eight Years of Photo Identification Clues

By Maureen A. Taylor

Every week I sit down to write a new blog post about picture mysteries. On this blog that archive goes back eight years. That’s a lot of photo clues and picture facts! It’s easy to use this blog as a free resource. Here’s how.

  • Below that is a list of categories. It’s a list of blog posts by month and year in reverse order from the most recent all the way back to March 2007. The number in parentheses refers to the number of blog posts in that month. Click any of the months to see all the posts for that period.
  • Scroll down past the dates and you’ll find a list of subject headings used with each post. Click any of those to go to all the columns that cover that topic such as 1840s to World War II.
  • Use the search box at the bottom of the sidebar to find more specific articles. I always include the name of the person who submitted the photo and the name of their ancestor. Online family reunions are possible. Why not search for your surname using the search box to see if there are any hits? A distant cousin may have submitted a photo mystery.
  • You can also Google it! Search “Photo Detective blog [and the surname you’re looking for].

Over the years I’ve covered common photo identification clues, popular ID mistakes and written about how even the tiniest details can reveal family history. Take a look at past columns and let me know which one is your favorite.

Thank you for reading!

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