Another Success Story!

By Maureen A. Taylor

Last week I featured two photos in my blog entry. As soon as Thomas Wetten saw what I’d written he sent me an email.

“I figured I was grasping, but my guess was the best I could formulate from the photo-dating websites I had visited thus far. The good news is, your mid-1890s date actually fits perfectly with that for another great-grandmother, Jennie Gilles. She is much more plausible, given her resemblance, and given who had it before I found it. It seems you’ve solved the mystery for me. Thank you.”

If you missed my analysis and Wetten’s familial guess scroll down this page to see the column.

I’m often asked if it’s possible to identify an unidentified family photo. The answer is yes as long as you know your family history and can decipher the pictorial clues. If you don’t believe it then look at past columns for proof. You’ll be a convert.<grin>

Submit your photographs for my analysis and see them featured in this spot. I pick at least two pictures a month.