World War I Uniforms for Little Boys

By Maureen A. Taylor

A few months ago I featured a picture of a little boy in a German style military uniform and discussed how boys could dress like the servicemen in their family.

Paul Daraghy sent in three photos of his father wearing a miniature World War I uniform complete with belt and insignia on the cap.

Albert Daraghy poses in this 1919 school photo taken at the Grant Elementary School in Dumont, NJ. He holds a hand-colored red, white and blue shield, something he likely created in class. On the photo mat, an eagle holds the U.S. flag.

These two patriotic symbols were commonly seen during World War I and for several years afterward.

Here he stands on a roof top in full “uniform.” This type of attire was sold through the Sears Catalog and other mail-order or department stores. Similar style uniforms sold in the fall 1919 Sears catalog cost $6.95. At a time when fathers, brothers and uncles were serving overseas, their sons and little brothers could play the part.

In approximately 1917-18, Albert and his brother Charles posed in identical uniforms in Dumont, NJ. A handwritten note on the back says, “two little soldiers.”

The United States entered the war on April 6, 1917 and remained involved until the end on November 11, 1918.

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