Sound Off! Where Do You Post Family Pictures?

By Maureen A. Taylor

In honor of October being Family History Month, I’d like to hear from you about your favorite photo sharing sites and where you post your family tree information. I have to admit this is a personal interest.

If you read the July 2008 issue of Family Tree Magazine then you know I wrote an article, Charmed Life, about how relatives re-connect. Last weekend I experienced something all the folks quoted in that piece mentioned–finding a lost piece of family history. Here’s the irony. Not only did I happen across a distant cousin’s website with pedigree charts but I also discovered he’d posted a couple of photographs of my great-great grandmother and her siblings as well as her parents.

I’ve been roaming the Internet for years looking for connections with no luck. Imagine my surprise to finally have an “Oh My Gosh” moment. Now of course I’m wondering if I should create my own family website or just add to his information. I have a family tree on for my paternal side, but this cousin is from the maternal side of the family. Since my Mom is interested in genealogy, she’s been working on her tree (with a little help from me).

Ah…the dilemma. So what’s an inquiring genealogist to do? Ask the readers of this column of course. I’d really like to hear about your good experiences of sharing research and relics, but also how you’d do things differently.

It’s no news to you that there are lots of sites and many possibilities. While I’ve been involved in genealogy for decades this is the first time I’ve been asked to share. So what do you think?