101 Best Websites for Genealogy in 2013

101 Best Websites for Genealogy in 2013

Our 2013 roundup of the 101 Best Websites for genealogy offers rays of research hope with new sites plus perennial favorites sporting new features and records.



Each year, we bring you a list of the 101 best genealogy websites. This year, we’re showcasing what’s new: Many of our favorite sites boast shiny new records databases, new techniques for accessing data and new ways to share your family tree finds and benefit from others’ research. A few recently launched sites have rocketed their way onto our list, too.

What’s really new to the genealogy web is a proliferation of apps that let you access many of our 101 best on the go, on smartphones and tablets. We’ve also pulled together a special roundup of these ancestor-finding apps from our 101 honorees. As usual, we’ve indicated with a $ sites that require a subscription or other payment to access the core content. Mostly free sites that offer paid premium services don’t carry the  $.
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From the September 2013 Family Tree Magazine


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