Making the List With RootsMagic

Making the List With RootsMagic

The foundation of any good organizational system, lists lead to better research and more knowledge about your family history. 

Lists are the staple of just about every organizational system. In RootsMagic, there are several handy lists that get populated from the data you enter about your ancestors. Using the lists in RootsMagic can help you succeed at finding your ancestors and discovering every available resource. Excerpted from Diana Crimson Smith’s course Mastering RootsMagic, learn about three of these useful lists contained within the software.
1. To-Do Lists: The most common and quite possibly the most useful, RootsMagic has a great take on the traditional to-do list. Going through the lists, you can manage all tasks for your database. You can add tasks, edit tasks, delete tasks, or print. This list is most helpful in keeping your research on track.
2. Address List: Addresses may be attached to people in your database. You can edit through this function by using add addresses (although they will not be attached to a person), edit, delete, or print. When adding an address here or through the person, don’t forget to put a name on the record – if not, when you go to this list, there may be addresses with no person. 
3. Correspondence List: Being organized involves a lot of pieces. One thing that is a challenge to many people is keeping track of correspondence sent and received. In these days of email, it’s often even harder. The correspondence list allows you to enter mail, email, phone, fax, and other communications either sent or received.
Lists RootsMagic
To learn about more lists and all the other features of RootsMagic, sign up for Mastering RootsMagic at Family Tree University. 

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