Adoption Toolkit

Adoption Toolkit

Resources for genealogical research of adoptions.

Web Sites

The Adoption History Project


All About Adoption Research


Court Records: Finding Your Ancestors


Cyndi’s List

<>: See the Adoption and Orphans categories.

The History of Adoption


Legends and Legacies: Orphanages


Olive Tree Genealogy: Orphans Records


Orphan Train Heritage Society of America


Orphanages: An American Local History Network Project



Adoption Agencies, Orphanages, and Maternity Homes: An Historical Directory by Reg Niles (Phileas Deigh Corp.)

Adoption, Identity and Kinship: the Debate Over Sealed Birth Records by Katarina Wegar (Yale University Press)

Adoption in America: Historical Perspectives edited by E. Wayne Carp (University of Michigan Press)

Everything You Need To Know About Being Adopted by Laura Kaminker (Rosen Publishing Group)

Family Matters: Secrecy and Disclosure in the History of Adoption by E. Wayne Carp (Harvard University Press)

The Family of Adoption by Joyce Maguire Pavao (Beacon Press)
The Legal Adoption Guide: Safely Navigating the System by Colleen Alexander-Roberts (Taylor Publishing)
Little Strangers: Portrayals of Adoption and Foster Care in America, 1850-1929 by Claudia Nelson (Indiana University Press)
Locating Lost Family Members and Friends by Kathleen W. Hinckley (Betterway Books)
Where Are My Birth Parents: A Guide For Teenage Adoptees by Karen Gravelle (Walker and Co.)
Organizations 2503 DelPrado Blvd., Cape Coral. FL 33904, (800) BIG-HUGS, <>

International Soundex Reunion Registry P.O. Box 2312, Carson City, NV, (775) 882-7755

Adoption Connection 1349 E. Mariposa Ave., Salt Lake City, UT, (801) 278-4858  

From the February 2007 issue of Family Tree Magazine

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