AncestorNews: Genealogy Collaboration

AncestorNews: Genealogy Collaboration

Let the Web help you collaborate with others on your genealogical research.

One of the things I like about genealogy people is their spirit of cooperation. Time and again people have helped me when my research hit a wall, and I try to do the same.

Several months ago, while giving a presentation at the San Diego Genealogical Society, I mentioned the Headstone Hunter project, which I belong to. The project is comprised of volunteers who offer to take headstone photos in local cemeteries. Several people in the audience raised their hands, wanting to let everyone know about similar projects. There’s that spirit of cooperation.

I recently discovered a Web site that reflects such a spirit. It’s part of the Alberta (Canada) Family Histories Society and is called the Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry. The AFHS created the project as a place for genealogical societies and genealogists to post projects they are working on. The AFHS hoped that by creating a central registry, it would help family searchers discover what projects are underway and prevent duplication of one another’s work.

Are there similar project registries? Yes!

KindredKonnections and the National Genealogical Society have created the Projects Registry.

You can also see international projects at the International Internet Genealogical Society Projects Register.

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