AncestorNews: Jewish Genealogy on the Web

By Nancy Hendrickson Premium

Although my family has no Jewish heritage that I’m aware of, my sister recently found a sampler embroidered in Yiddish and Hebrew, tucked behind a family picture. Dated 1891, the sampler presented us with a research challenge: what did the words mean, and how did it get behind our picture?

To get a translation, I posted a plea for help on the mailing list of JewishGen, along with a URL picturing the sampler. Within hours I had more than 50 replies from all over the world, translating the Yiddish and Hebrew characters. Included in many of those e-mails were suggestions for other Jewish-related genealogy searches. I’d like to share some of those with you:

This site includes information files, mailing lists, ancestral towns in Eastern Europe, a surname database and calendar conversion (convert a civil date into the equivalent date on the Hebrew calendar).

Sephardic Genealogy and
Links to Sephardic news lists, sources, names and books, facts, heraldry and lore.

Jewish Genealogy Home Page
Created by the Dallas Jewish Historical Society, this site includes an excellent guide to doing long-distance Jewish research. For beginners, don’t miss the Jewish Genealogy FAQ.

Jewish Genealogy Links
200 links to Jewish genealogy sources, including archives, databases, genealogical societies, orphanages, and telephone directories.