AncestorNews: Sites for Preserving Heirlooms

AncestorNews: Sites for Preserving Heirlooms

See how preserving and sharing your family treasures is easier than ever before.

My sister, Vicki, is the unofficial keeper of the family treasures. Whether it be hand-knitted baby clothes or a Valentine my dad received as a little boy, she guards it with the ferocity of a mother lion. Thank goodness, as my preservation skills are far less honed!

Every family has precious keepsakes, but that special book, lock of hair or lace hanky can only belong to one person. It’s unfortunate, because seeing Great-grandpa’s pocket watch is a far more personal way of experiencing him than just hearing about it. However, thanks to scanners, digital cameras, and color copiers, making treasures available to everyone in the family is now a snap.

Last year, Vicki and I spent an afternoon at Kinko’s, color copying a stack of old photos, military records, and our grandmother’s dance card. I’ve since taken digital photos of an etiquette book given to my great-grandmother when she was a young girl, as well as a special necklace that belongs to my mom. With the price of scanners and digital cameras falling, preserving—and sharing—your family treasures is far easier than in the past. Check out these sites for more information.

• Digital Camera Resources

• Scanning Family Photos,5594,2391611-4,00.html

• Fixing Faded Family Photos

• Saving Your Family Treasures

• Digital Album

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