Antique Web Resources

Antique Web Resources

Online resources to find out more about your family heirlooms.
Directory of more than 15,000 dealers, auctioneers, appraisers and museums, as well as a free “ask the experts” service.

Antiques Roadshow
The show’s official site goes behind the scenes, deciphers “antique speak” and shares your stories.
Message boards and articles on restoration.
Buy or sell antiques of all kinds. Try the “Resource Directory” for dealers and appraisers.

Association of Restorers
Links to articles, restorers, how-to and more.

BBC Online Antiques
Site for the British “Antiques Roadshow” contains information on identifying antiques and a “Know How” section.
Free database that aims to reunite families with their heirlooms.

Yahoo! Antiques and Collectibles
Index of antiques-related Web sites, covering everything from periods and appraisal to restoration and auctions.

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