Any Skeletons In Your Closet?

By Family Tree Editors Premium

If this election year has you wondering about any politicians in your ancestry, University of Michigan researcher Lawrence Kestenbaum has a way for you to find them — at least, to find where they are now. Buried, that is. His Political Graveyard Web site <> tracks the final resting places of 35,000 politicians, judges and diplomats.

You can search for deceased politicos alphabetically; by office held, date or geography; by a Soundex index of similar-sounding names; or by various offbeat categories. The site lists four politicians who donated their bodies to science, 12 who were killed in duels, 26 victims of drowning, one killed by an animal (Alabama congressman Jeremiah Haralson, “killed by wild beasts near Denver” in 1916) and one who died in an elevator (Ohio congressman Isaac Jordan, in 1890).

Want to visit the graves of late office-holders? You’ll find the most in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va. (175); Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn (no); and Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC, and Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, each with 82.

From the April 2000 issue of Family Tree Magazine