Class Acts

By Erin Quinn Premium

Whether you’re ready to take the leap into professional genealogy or just want to brush up on your research skills, you could benefit from the alliance formed by the University of Toronto and the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. They’ve teamed up to offer online courses you can take just for fun or apply toward your Certificate in Genealogical Studies from the University of Toronto.

You have plenty of course options: Focus your studies on American, Canadian, English, Irish, Scottish or German records research; work toward a Librarianship Certificate; or take courses in general methodology. Learn how to get the most out of specific record types and electronic resources (look for Betterway Books author Rhonda McClure’s Family Tree Maker course), or take classes in heraldry, language or occupations. New classes are being added all the time.

Courses range in length (most last six to eight weeks) and price (expect to pay between $50 and $125, plus the cost of course materials). And although taking online courses may seem daunting, it’s actually pretty simple. You set up a student account and receive a password to your “briefcase.” Your course instructor puts all the necessary information — homework assignments, lecture materials and class rosters — in your briefcase, and you work at your own pace. You can even arrange live chats and study sessions with classmates all over the world.

Visit the National Institute for Genealogical Studies Web site <> to see a schedule, read course descriptions or register. For further assistance, e-mail or call (800) 580-0165.

From the October 2003 Family Tree Magazine