How to Create a Holiday Heritage Display

How to Create a Holiday Heritage Display

Celebrate family traditions and put family history into your holidays by creating a family history display.

SUPPLIES: family photos and heirloom items, ornaments and other holiday décor, matching colored cardstock

TIME: 15-45 minutes
 1. Choose a place where the family will see your display, such as the dining room table or buffet, fireplace mantle, piano or entryway table.

2. Gather favorite holiday items from your family archive. Good candidates are ornaments, cards, framed photos, hand-knit mittens, handicrafts, books and toys. For a unified look, choose items with a similar theme or that relate to one person.

3. Select a fabric item (heritage- or holiday-themed) to protect the display surface and anchor those objects. Try a table runner, handkerchief, scarf, folded quilt or placemat.

4. Place a large object as the focal point in the center or slightly to one side of your display. If you want to feature a smaller item, elevate it atop a decorative wooden box or few stacked books.

5. Cluster remaining heritage items around the focal point. If the display seems cluttered, group together small items or remove some. Intersperse festive touches such as leaves, holiday ribbons, a garland, candles or flowers.

6. Dedicate your display: Print a caption such as “We’re Thankful for Grandma” or “Family is the Best Gift” onto cardstock. Cut to size, fold in half  and place in your display.

From the December 2013 Family Tree Magazine

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